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Every structure is unique and requires bars of different shapes and sizes that best meet its needs. This means labourers have to cut and bend bars on-site, which leads to an unnecessary increase in cost. It also creates internal fractures in the bar, thereby reducing its overall strength.
Shree Om Cut ‘N’ Bent bars completely eliminate this problem. They are ready-to-use and save time as well as money.


Every construction is different and hence requires bars of varying sizes and shapes. This being the case, most contractors cut and bend the bars on site. This Increases costs, it's time consuming and labour intensive too. More importantly, it reduces the strength of the bar by creating internal fractures and stretches.
Shree Om's cut and bent bars are the perfect solution to such problems. the precut and prebend bars are ready to use and can go right into your construction.


-Consistent quality and accuracy

-Low material costs as you can order as per your need

-Less wastage

-Lower warehousing costs

-Reduced space required on-site

-Quicker construction

It has a lot more advantages than others

Overview :
Construction bars come in standard lengths of 40 ft., unfortunately constructions don’t. Every design, every structure is different and, hence requires bars of varying sizes and shapes, too. Most contractors remedy this by cutting and bending the bars at the site itself, using unscientific methods. But this is not only time consuming and labour intensive, it also reduces the integral strength of the bar by creating internal stresses and fractures. Shree OM Cut ’n’ Bent Bars are, thus, an extremely popular alternative, offering enhanced quality at reduced time

Product Range :
We produce & supply TMT bars

  • Consistent Quality and Accuracy : Through precise cutting and bending with the help of Automatic Rebar Processing Plant.
  • Lower material costs : By ordering precise quantity required.
  • Less wastage : Pre-cut bars eliminate wastage caused by on-side cutting of standard length bars.
  • Lower warehousing cost : Cut ‘n’ Bent bars can be ordered using a (JIT) ‘just in time’ method of inventory.
  • Reduced space requirement on-site :  Through elimination of on-site bar cutting and bending.
  • Quicker construction : Manual cutting & bending of bars is unprofessional and slow.

Savings Analysis

Benefits of using Shree Om Cut n Bent Bars, Considering TMT bar cost is Rs. 42,000 per MT.

Cost Incurred Amount (approx.)
7% wastage in standard 12 metre length bar 2940
Transportation wastage 100
1% wastage due to overlapping 420
1% Inventory holding cost/ month 420
On site cutting and bending cost (including fixing) 2500
Total cost incurred 6380
Recovery from scrap 700
Net Expenditure per MT 5680

Note :

  1. 1. For Cut ‘N’ Bent charges please contact with bar bending schedule.
  2. 2. The above costs are indicative and are based on the current costs of materials and services, and may vary from client to client.


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