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SRJ PEETY group is the first in Maharashtra to introduce 6 mm Torkari product in Maharashtra highlight it on page 6 mm product.

6 MM Ring / Rebars :

Recognising the need for a customised solution, Shree OM developed the concept of ready to use steel through Cut ’n’ Bent bars. Shree OM’s captive plant, Shashwati Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. is the first in Maharashtra, and second in India, to manufacture pre-cut and pre-bent steel rebars exclusively.Shree OM Cut ’n’ Bent Bars are extremely popular with quality and cost conscious contractors as they permit exponential savings in terms of time and construction cost.

Shree Om Torkari (6mm) – The super tough and cost-effective choice

Give your construction an edge with the super economical Shree Om Torkari. It saves time and cuts down on labour costs, while also contributing to the strength of your structures with its light and extra strong design.

Technical Specifications:

  • • Smaller size (small diameter)
  • • Manufactured using billets using the cold rolled process
  • • Uniform diameter
  • • Better elongation
  • • Approved by CSRL laboratory
  • • Approved by Govt. Polytechnic and Engineering College

Technical Specifications:

Shree Om Torkari 6 mm 6 mm Local brand
Available in 5.2 mm and 5.5 mm diameter 6 mm local steel is lower than the 315 grade
Higher than 500 yield strength Doesn't have a standard manufacturing process or quality
Manufactured using the cold rolled process Manufactured using 100% scrap material
Better elongation Consistent 12 metre length Stiff and suffers from less bendability No standard length
3X rib pattern provides excellent grip with concrete Absence of rib pattern results in bad grip
Silver like finish and rustproof Not rustproof
Better quality, grade, ISI certified weight, unique rib pattern and 12 metre length results in savings between 20 – 25% No savings
The bundles are tied with plastic tagging so there is no difference in weight Tied with a steel wire which increases weight and you end up paying more
Provides more strength in less weight Inconsistent diameter results in loss


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Shree Om Steels has been a market leader in its wide product range in Maharashtra with its extensive network of 3 branch offices all over the State. and has also succeeded in establishing it self as a reliable and trust worthy name in very quality conscious.

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